About Agnes

Proverbs 16:9 – The human heart plans the way, but the Lord directs the steps.

This quote has always reminded me that even with my Type A personality, some things in life will turn out differently than expected. In my blog, my “plans” in Korea will be juxtaposed with the “actual steps” that happen. And as an expat, everyday life can often be quite unpredictable.

Sokcho Beach Shell
Sokcho Beach – East Coast of South Korea

As my husband and I are both originally from the Midwest in the U.S., it seems we could not have chosen a farther location from home! But when my husband got a job offer in Seoul after finishing his MBA, we thought this was an opportunity to live abroad that we couldn’t pass up. This blog documents my life in Seoul as a teacher, traveler and taster (in lieu of the word foodie to avoid connotation).

A few more fun facts about me:

  • My favorite place to be: in the water, preferably an ocean
  • The food I miss most in Korea: Lou Malnati’s Chicago style deep dish pizza
  • My alma mater/team: Michigan State University. Go Green!

Thanks for taking the time to drop by, and if you’re also an expat, please feel free to share your experiences, stories and advice!