About Michal

My wife, as well as friends back home, have both encouraged me to start blogging. I have been flattered to hear that they think my ideas and experiences are interesting enough that I should share them with a larger audience.
Michal summits the highest peak in Seoul at Bukhansan National Park.

A little about me, I am a 29-year-old married to a beautiful woman who is also my best friend, Agnes. We will soon be joined by our daughter due in May 2016, Sophia.

I moved to the USA from Poland when I was 8, grew up in Michigan, went to Michigan State, worked in finance and analytics in Chicago, took a brief foray to work at a West African transportation startup, went back to school getting my MBA at Darden and have now moved overseas to Seoul to work as a consultant at a large company.

I love to travel, having been to more than 40 countries. One of my favorite parts about living in Asia is being able to experience new foods, places and meet people. Here I hope to chronicle some of those experiences for myself and my readers.